ProGauge, Tank Calibration 3D Laser

ProGauge Calibration Tool Set
3D Laser

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  • 3D Laser - Automatic Tank Calibration System

  • The 3D laser system to calculate the volume of underground tanks


  • Automatic strapping table creation.
  • Laser technology.
  • Accurate metrological strapping table
  • In accordance with OIML R71
  • High speed
  • Safe, ATEX certified, no need to de-gas the tank.
  • Easy to manage & setup.
  • Environmentally friendly: no need to use fuels or other liquids to perform calibration.
  • Versatile: suitable for any underground tank with min. 2" entry.

Working principle

The 3D Laser is an innovative system to measure the volume of underground storage tanks, a highly accurate laser measuring device is used to generate over 50,000 reference points* giving the user a three dimensional image of the tank.

Once the operation is completed powerful software managed by the ProGauge technical team is used to generate an accurate tank chart and tables that can be inserted into the Automatic Tank Gauge on site.

The operation is Safe, Fast with a minimum disruption to the site.

*2000 mm tank

Site Set up, make the area safe

Set up the system

Generating tank charts,

  • When the system has completed the scan the result file is process by the 3D Laser team at the ProGauge headquarters located in Milan
  • Tank charts are generated by using a powerful post processing applications and algorithm's designed by the ProGauge team
  • What do you get, the system produces a detailed report showing the tank dimensions, an over view of the scan area and the tank chart/strapping table

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