PERMATANK (Double Wall Steel-Fiberglass Underground Storage Jacketed Tank)

PERMATANK® double‐wall jacketed underground storage tank features an inner steel tank coupled with an exterior corrosion‐resistant fiberglass tank. A unique standoff material separating the inner and outer tanks creates a uniform interstitial space ensuring rapid and accurate leak detection.

Meets EPA Leak Detection Requirements for Underground Storage Tanks

PERMATANK® features:

• Meets UL 58, UL 1746 and ULC‐S603.1
• All tanks proven tight throughout installation, via third party certification, by interstitial vacuum test ‐ 13 inches Hg minimum
• Provides many options to meet EPA leak detection requirements for interstitial monitoring, including the Permatank Precision Vacuum Monitor
• Steel provides complete compatibility with all blends of ethanol and biodiesel fuels
• Impermeable to all petroleum products and vapors

Additional features:

• Steel inner tank provides structural strength, while its exterior wall of fiberglass reinforced plastic prevents corrosion
• Designed shorter than an all‐FRP tank of the same capacity, reducing the cost of installation and increasing site layout flexibility
• Capacities range up to 5,000 liters


• Steel construction allows for recycling
• Various backfill options allow for money‐saving installation
• Low cost compartments and customization
• Built to nationally‐recognized STI standards with strict third‐party quality control inspection program

File for Download:

Compatible With a Wide Range of Fuels and Chemicals, Including Biodiesel and Ethanol

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