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Mr.Amnuay Sinsamudpadung
Company Founder

Padungsilpa Group has been serving the petroleum industry since 1964. We began with Padungsilpa Kanchang Partnership 50 years ago and began by concentrating on service station construction. Our first main customer is The Shell Company of Thailand. The Partnership, then gradually become be trusted by other major oil companies like Kuwait Petroleum (Thailand) Limited (formerly, Q8 brand), Chevron Thailand (Caltex brand), Conoco (Thailand) Limited (formerly Jet brand), ExxonMobil Thailand (Esso brand), PTT Plc.(PTT) brand and Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited (Bangchak brand) to construct their service stations.

Because of the high standard and quality of service station construction works and well-known among our customers, the second management generation by Mr. Chaiyutpong and Ms. Supara Sinsamudpadung has reviewed and revised the company structure, then established a company in 1997, named “Padungsilpa Civil Work Co., Ltd. or PCW” to provide wider range construction works for petroleum service station including permitting service.

From our experience in oil and gas industry, in 1993, the management had realized the increasing demand of fuel storage tank, then Padungsilpa Engineering Co., Ltd or PSE has been established to manufacture the underground and aboveground storage tank both single wall type and double wall type as well as structural steel fabrication and others storage tank products. PSE’s plant has been located at Samkhok, Pathumtanee started with the production capacity of 400 tanks per year and currently is increasing up to 2,400 tanks per year. This also included the manufacturing of “PERMATANK” which is double wall tank, a high technology certified by international standard institution named “Underwriter Laboratory Inc.”.

Our management was realized the customer demand of “One Stop Service for Service Station”. Therefore, the Company has expanded the business line to import and provide the installation service of double wall flexible fuel pipe from “KPS” who is a high-quality pipe producer from Sweden, currently is a part of OPW Global who is recognized around the world as the industry standard in fluid handling equipment.

Our turnkey service concept has leaded us to continue developing and improving our products and services in order to serve the customer requirement in a high-quality service with the least cost.

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