Roof lifting work, size 14.65×28.00 meters, by a professional team of Padungsilpa Civil Work Co.,Ltd.,

which attaches importance to work safety. There is a strict inspection before starting the roof lift.
1. Check the readiness of the crew, crane drivers and related people. with alcohol and drug testing, as well as physical fitness testing
2. Check the condition of the crane. Before starting all work by verifying the Por Chor 2 document with the current vehicle condition around
3. Inspect equipment, slings, skewers, as well as related equipment. that there are no defects and are in perfect condition and ready to use.
4. Prepare the working area. with a barrier To prevent unrelated people from entering the work area is strictly prohibited.
5. Check the position of the stand and the crane leg. There is an appropriate support plate. and the ground condition can bear the weight, not sagging
6. Before lifting do a plan review and rehearsing the working process With the team until they understand clearly,
the company focuses on working under the policy of correctness, cost, timeliness and safety in order to create a standard of work that is correct, quality, low cost, fast and timely. to create customer satisfaction as well as attaching great importance to the safety of life and property of employees and all related parties

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