About : Padungsilpa Engineering Co.,Ltd. (PERMATANK)

Padungsilpa Engineering Co.,Ltd (PSE) Are part of Padungsilpa Group , manufacture underground steel tanks both double wall and single wall, also produce steel-fiberglass double wall underground storage tank “PERMATANK” under full licensing of “STEEL TANK INSTITUTE “ USA. For Thailand market and Southeast Asia. Plant and manufacturing process are designed and approved by the licenser.

Since 1993-2018, PSE has successfully manufactured, supplied and supervised for installation for more than 14,000 underground tanks to most major oil companies like Shell, Esso, Caltex, Bangchak Petroleum, PTT, Conoco and etc. which include more than 10,000 Permatanks were installed in their service stations in Thailand & Southeast Asia & Asia Pacific etc.

In 2001, PSE has received UL etc. approval for our tank specification and quality control system to UL 58  (Standard for Steel Underground Tank For Flammable and Combustible Liquids) for steel tank and   UL- 1746 (Standard for External Corrosion Protection Systems for Steel Underground Storage Tanks Part III Jacketed Tank)   for fiberglass reinforced  plastic jacketed tank.

Of course, PSE realized that only product certified will not be able to guarantee our consistence of quality, therefore, PSE has  developed  our quality system until receiving ISO certified by TÜV Rheinland Thailand Ltd. Since  February 2006.

PSE has supplied Permatank to many major oil companies in Southeast Asia and other countries  since year 2000. These are include PTT Public Company Limited ExxonMobil & Petronas in Malaysia, ExxonMobil & local customers in Singapore, ExxonMobil in Hong Kong, Caltex Cambodia, Total Cambodge, Shell (Thailand, Hong Kong, Laos) , Independent customer in Brunei and  etc.

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