About : Padungsilpa Civil Work Co.,Ltd.

Padungsilpa Civil Work Co.,Ltd. (PCW) Is a general/engineering contractor specializing in the construction of retail and commercial projects. As a trusted contractor for many major oil companies, developers and retailers. PCW has completed an impressive list of projects. In fact, more than 75 percent of the company’ assignments have involved commercial-related projects, with particular emphasis in retail marketing facilities (service stations) and convenience stores, LPG and NGV service stations which recently, PCW were received many turnkey contracts to build NGV stations for PTT.

PCW offers a full range of service station construction in clerking mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and environmental and infrastructure works. With local, state and federal regulations continuing to impact retailers, our professionals remain up-to-date on the current laws and pending issues. We have professionals on staffs that can successfully guide your project through the permitting applying.

Dedicated and detail-oriented construction managers and staff have earned PCW a reputation for quality construction. Each project is managed efficiently and economically to keep project schedules and budgets without sacrificing craftsmanship.

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