©977-100 Manhole Cover & Frame

Product Name : Ф977-100 manhole cover & frame

Specification : Ф1074×100mm

Code : C250 D400

Executive Standard : EN124:1994

Product Color : Black

Product structure : Well cover, well frame, detachable side sealed t t Product material composition: manhole cover, well frame is com d of SMC composite, side seal structure is composed of SMC composite ,304 stainless steel fastener and corrosion resistant rubber

Operating temperature range : -40℃~100℃

Product Application : C250 used for motor vehicle driving roads and parking areas D400 used for freight stations, docks and other heavy vehicles frequently driving roads, venues Product structure diagram and specification dimensions

Cover Load Rating Cover Dimension Depth of Insertion(h) Cover Diameter (d1) Cover Diameter (d2) Weight
C250 Φ977×55mm 30 mm Φ977mm Φ966mm 49Kg
D400 Φ977×55mm 30 mm Φ977mm Φ966mm 49Kg


Frame Cover Dimension Frame Depth(H) Frame Outer Diameter(D) Net Opening (CO) Weight
Φ1074×100mm 100 mm Φ1074mm 900 mm 19Kg

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