5.2 Ф977-100 sealed and locked inspection manhole cover & frame

Product Name : Φ977-100 Sealed and Locked inspection manhole cover & frame Product

Specification : Φ1080X100mm

Code : D400

Enforcement Standard : EN124:1994

Color : Black

Product Structure : cover, frame, inspection sub-cap, seals and locks Composition of product material: manhole cover, l frame, inspection sub-cap consists of SMC composite material, seals and locks consist of 304 stainless steel fastener and corrosion resistant rubber

Operating temperature range : -40℃~100℃

Application Field : Used for frequent road and ground for heavy vehicles such as freight terminal and wharf

Resist load = 40 tons

Product structure diagram and specification dimensions:

Cover Load Rating Cover Dimension Depth of Insertion(h) Cover Diameter (d) Weight
D400 Φ1008×115 100 mm Φ980mm 50Kg
Central Cover Central Cover Dimension Depth of Insertion(h1) Cover Diameter d1 Central Cover Clean Opening (co ) Weight
Φ420×60 60 mm Φ420mm 350 mm 10.5Kg
Frame Frame Dimension Frame Depth(H) Frame Outer Diameter (D) Net Opening (CO) Weight
Φ1080×100 100 mm Φ1080mm 900 mm 21Kg

File for Download:

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